By Marilyn Raffaele.

Background :

Group, December 18, 2016.

Dear ones, again this year we wish to bring to you the deeper meanings of , the ones in which you do not simply celebrate people and events of 2000 years ago but personally experience.

The story of the birth of /Jeshua who became the Christ is every man’s story. was already an ascended master when born into one of his many earthly incarnations 2000 years ago. His intent was to bring truth and Light to a enmeshed in density and illusion.

Very few at that time were able to the depth of his . The masses were not yet spiritually evolved enough to fully comprehend the truths he taught and so instead, pinned truth to him personally, making him a “god” . The unevolved third dimensional mindset of separation interpreted the words “I AM” as referring only to the messenger.

Thus began the worship of the man while missing the message. In choosing to ignore I AM as being the truth about every man, the majority simply continued to live in an unawakened state. This teaching lingers yet today in many churches who under the guise of spirituality, continue to worship the messenger and miss the message.

This is the story of many illumined masters who throughout generations chose to incarnate in order to assist mankind to evolve and were then either rejected or worshiped as gods. Truth always has and always will threaten personal belief systems, resulting in fear and violent actions toward the messenger in an attempt to keep the status quo even if it is painful and life suppressing.

The world is witnessing this right now. As higher dimensional energies pour to earth and world consciousness begins to open, illusions created and held in place by beliefs of duality and separation will begin to crumble, leaving those who benefit from them in a fury to hold them in place.

Every individual experiences a personal Christmas at some point in their evolutionary journey, if not in this lifetime, then another. Divinity being man’s true nature, will at a certain point of spiritual readiness, break through into awareness allowing the Christ to be personally born.

The world is a spiritual Universe interpreted and experienced according to each individual’s awareness. An individual interpreting through a mind heavily conditioned with beliefs of good/evil and separation, will act and experience the world much differently than the person who has attained a consciousness of .

The familiar Christmas story as you know it is the material sense of a spiritual activity. This does not mean the event did not happen, but means that as with all things, there are deeper layers to be explored. We give you the mystical layer.

The manger, seemingly barren and primitive, represents the state of consciousness necessary for a Christ consciousness birth to take place, a consciousness no longer cluttered with three dimensional concepts and beliefs.

There was/is no room in the inn. The inn being a location (state of consciousness) thought to be more appropriate according to standards. The Christ can only be born in a consciousness free of false beliefs that give power to the creations of duality and separation for there, the “inn” is already full.

The virgin mother symbolizes of the creative purified state of consciousness capable of bringing forth the Christ consciousness. (Divine feminine) Joseph is the loving but strong overseer part of every self () who protects the mother and newly born Christ consciousness from outside interference. Together they represent the feminine and masculine energies in perfect unity.

The wise men are ascended Beings of Light who recognized and journeyed to honor the Christ consciousness, bringing gifts and giving homage. The wise men and the humble shepherds represent spiritual awareness present within all parts of the world and all levels of society. The Christ consciousness is never limited to a particular race, nationality, or gender.

A newly born Christ consciousness is fragile and needs time to strengthen and mature. The “babe” must be held close, protected and safely hidden within until the time comes in which it can manifest fully and be lived. A fully developed Christ consciousness holds no fear because It knows Itself, and thus lives each moment in the unconditional love of One.

The Christmas story is your story dear ones, the one you are living now as you journey from a third dimensional consciousness to living moving and having your being in the truth of who and what you are. At some point you will have a personal Christmas.