Christ’s in Avalon & as Melchizedeck
by Christine Preston, December 22, 2016

The so- lost tribes of the true Israel had also immigrated to in these former centuries of the Old Testament and found their way to Ireland, as well as to the shores of Devon and Cornwall, a time before Joseph of Arimathea is recorded to have come to Britain because he was a merchant in the tin trade. Trade existed between Scandinavia and Phoenicia, or between Britain and ancient Troy 2,000 years. The routes of this ancient trade are shown in encyclopedias.
A communicant of the Anglican faith George F. Jowett, states in The Drama of the Lost Disciples that an effort to purge the original doctrine of Christ from the of the Earth, resulted with a slaughter of the British Celts that was carried out over a longer period than the Diocletian persecution itself. It lasted from 42 AD to the close of the Diocletian persecution when Diocletian’s levelled churches, universities and libraries in 302 AD. The Christianity that the Romans saw as such a to them would be regarded by mainstream Christianity as heterodox, or even heretical, as this mainstream Christianity only came in existence as the doctrine of sacrifice and of sin, when Constantine the First invited to his Council of Nicaea, in 325 AD, some bishops who were all Gnostics and who refused to it. He forced them to do so by threatening them with exile at the island of illyria. This has been recorded in the Ante and Post Nicenean Records, available in certain Universities, libraries in Britain. Jowett also tells us that Constantine’s mother, Helena, was already Christian before his doctrine was adopted and contrary to what some scholars believe, she was a Briton. Constantine’s father was Constantius Chlorus, who was a of a certain Sun cult, and it was from his parents that Constantine had knowledge of the sign of the Cross.