Conversation With the Arcturians–Through Suzanne Lie
December 12, 2016


Shawnna & The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

So, this backing and forthing, where you’re into your 5th dimensional and saying, ‘oh wow this is great but I just have a couple of more things to do.” I have to bring some more of me up here. So, is this process that you are going through that you are collecting you. You are collecting all the versions of you, memories of you – the events within your life that you want to pack in your bag and take into your life.

Now there are some versions of you and some parts of you that say, “I don’t like this table , or this chair is not comfortable .” So you it to the Goodwill, or you put it out in the front yard and someone comes and takes it. So there is a process of, what part of you is going to make the cut into your fifth-dimensional self. And, what part of you – well we don’t want to say behind, but there is a part of you that is very third-dimensional and you want to leave that third-dimensional component of yourself in the body of Gaia, on the body of Gaia – because you are not leaving Gaia, you are Gaia expand.

So therefore, you are up any messes that you left. Now this is not as easy as moving out of one house because this is up every incarnation you’ve ever had on the planet Earth, so this is not an easy task. There will be quite a few memories, quite a few lives, there is a huge energy field of you, of all the you’ s that you have ever been in any of your incarnations on the Planet Gaia.

So let’s take a moment and assist all of you to bring it all in. Bring it all in because you are selling your old house so to speak and you have to clean it out because somebody else is going to take that spot. So someone else is going to fill that energy field, that frequency of earth because you are now moving up into a new spot. You are now moving up into a higher frequency.