By Marilyn Raffaele.

, dear ones. Again we come together in love and understanding, and with a mutual desire for truth. Each day becomes new as global and individual for as consciousness unfolds and expands, so do its expressions.

Many of you are beginning to have experiences of synchronicity as you go about your day. Solutions now seem to appear more easily, and that caused distress or worry no longer feel important. These are the fruits of your expanding consciousness, one that is coming into alignment with truth’s grace and harmony.

Experiences of Grace will continue to increase as you live out from your highest level of awareness, letting the truth you know flow into and through all activities. As you allow the truth you know to flow out, more is given.

is a never ending journey into spiritual awareness for Divine Consciousness is infinite.
Think of it as an elevator that reaches into the ethers. One that stops and opens its doors at every floor allowing passengers to observe or exit. At one stop the view seems so wonderful, so full of interesting people and things that you decide to step out. It takes years to comprehend everything on that floor and when you do, you decide to remain there permanently, because it is familiar and comfortable. All you will ever have need of is right there.

However, just when you are settling in, your Higher Self steps in, powerfully (wake up ) causing you to realize that there are many more floors to be experienced and that you will never see or experience them unless you leave where you are and get back on the elevator.