December 15, 2016 by John Smallman

Many of you feel desperately that you need “DO SOMETHING!” However, if you were to be doing something you would be in where that would be possible and meaningful. But you are here, right where you are, to hold and display the Light. That is all. Very little is asked of you, just show your Light for all to see, and, as you know within yourselves, that “very little” has an ENORMOUS all across the planet.

Let go of all judgment, and LOVE! That is what God does, and it is what you agreed to do Him. Your intent to Love is what is waking humanity. The Love has to be channeled through you – the sub-stations on the Love grid – because you are reducing valves that deliver It gently and softly to exactly where It is intended in a that is easily received and accepted. Love is infinitely powerful, but also gentle, It does not force or drive, It is delivered by all of you through your loving intentions to precisely where It is needed in that now moment. That “now moment” is NOW! Open your hearts and allow the – LOVE – to flow through them, as is your and God’s Will.