Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg December 12 2016
Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today we have reached a new on our dear Earth. It is a new day of beauty that has started to see its light, which shines from afar. We find ourselves in the early of our ascension and there is a fantastic of joy and freedom that is being born at this hour. It has been a long journey my dear Earthlings, but now a new journey has started. It is a journey in light and beauty my dear , so see yourselves fortunate all you who are on Earth – you have just been part of an historic event that never before has been seen in . You sail together with your Earth upwards in the dimensions in . It is a heroic moment, a moment to stop at and contemplate.

Now events will come one after another my friends. I hope you are ready, for year 2017 will forever. Nothing will any longer be as it has been. will so to speak be turned upside down. Now it is not a to fight for things, now it is a of receiving things and steward it well. it for what benefits yourself and Earth in the best possible way. Buy things that are ecological and that over time will Earth to recover. the weak and poor and facilitate for the alternative medicines to appear. Your diet is important dear children – that you get enough vitamins and minerals to the body heal itself. The body is good at healing itself if it gets the prerequisites for this, but sometime medical can be necessary. Start from your heart and common sense, dear Earthlings.

Sometimes it seems as if you have hidden your common sense in a closet or somewhere, as you use it too sparingly. Bring your common sense out of the closet and use it, as it can be of assistance to you now. In a chaotic time a sound heart can be the only way to receive guidance for separating truth from falsehoods. Your common sense comes from your intuition and your heart. Deep within you you know what is right or wrong – what it or false. Again come these two words – listen within – the answers are there. The first that you feel is usually the right one, then your “ego” can correct it in different directions if you allow it to. It is then easy to get lost and become confused. Then wait a little while before you attempt to feel again what it was you felt. It comes become without warning. Keep it there then and push off the ego and you will have the answer in your hand.