Faith, Know Your Higher Self
by Christine Preston

The Higher Selves, or Souls, form of the Earth, with the Ascended Masters and Archangels. They are called the Entire Spirit of the Great Brotherhood. The traditional term here is in the sense of pure. The Body of God is the Soul extensions that are in physicality. The real that also is the Bride of Christ, is the interconnected lower selves being reintegrated in their wedding with Christ consciousness. This is happening as a slow process and in physicality.
A Higher Self cannot be fully expressed through a human being and it has another eleven soul extensions, some of which may, or may not, have ascended or been reintegrated. The Higher Self is vast and He, or She, takes possession of the extension and becomes heart, head, and hands so to speak, with a of consciousness and that descend into the form. The Higher Self also descends with the pillar of consciousness of the Twin flame. The Solar ring that is invoked and that magnetizes the twin pillars of consciousness becomes a platform for the Tube of Light. Within the latter also descends Christ consciousness and the soul extensions are uplifted by the descent of the Lightbody, as as an upsurge of Violet Transmuting flame that enfolds your entire being. Your threefold flame is amplified. You are sealed in the Tube of Light. The atoms of your being are irradiated by light and absorb it so that you experience a healing and regeneration, leading to an actual transfiguration of your form. This will be a gradual process in a measure by your I AM Presence. You may experience heat and a of upliftment caused by the raising of your vibrations when you attune in this . You may experience a floating due to an activation taking place. A relationship between the persona that you feel you are and your Higher Self, Christ Self, or I AM Presence, may result with a kundalini activation. It may manifest as a feeling of going up that heavenly ladder that is figurative, and represents the dimensions of consciousness.
As a soul extension you become the expression of your Higher Self. There already exists oneness between that higher Soul that you are and the one who is its complement, the Twin Flame. There is a quality of sublime polarity in this relationship, and with this exercise you begin to experience sensations, or states of being that are indescribable. Joy and bliss are not enough, but perhaps the term sublime could almost do it .