Lazarus 6, Renewed Prophecy
December 15, 2016 by Christine Preston

In the background of all this, we were interested in what was happening the presidential Elections in the United States of America as I had also been given prophecies regarding that matter. They had started on February 18, 2016 and then more obviously on February 28, with a message I channelled from Mother , and then the prophecy that Donald Trump would be President was renewed during the following months, and up to a week before the voting day, November 8, with the video entitled ‘We are 100% sure that Donald Trump will be , which attracted 30,000, or so views. Archangel Michael told me on November 28 that the new President’s diplomatic abilities will be beyond belief, and that he will many solutions to re-establish peace, and that the Celestial forces will not let anything happen to him. He will be protected. Saint Germain had also disclosed that Donald Trump is an extension of himself, but like all of us is human and does not have full consciousness. It made sense because of the latter’s plan to create in the country, and of Saint Germain’s plan to release his funds, to restore America as an example to other nations, as well as bring peace to the . I have had the great pleasure of a phone call from Jennifer Snell whose videos are also published by Matt Muckleroy. She has also been told by Saint Germain that Donald Trump is an incarnation of himself, and I was really delighted that her statement represented a corroboration for my own communication and this fact. We have both the teaching that the Higher can even have more than one incarnation at a time! Years ago, in the 90s, while attending an International Conference at the Summit Lighthouse in Montana, I did hear that the Messenger E. C. had discovered that Saint Germain had an incarnation. So that’s the story, and behind this is the opposition of the forces of the Light, in particular at the time of the Elections, to the Establishment. Saint Germain is the Ascended Master delivering Freedom to mankind.