Lord Michael & André Modification of Timelines Initations & Shifts 27DEC2016


We are approaching the end of this year of 2016. We will see the end of all interference from the dark that formed the Establishment. Something is to happen very soon. It will be prodigious and will relate to more disclosure. What follows is a report to be used as a teaching. It is for a full understanding of what is happening to you, dear Lightworkers.
The first time round, this Galaxy was to an interference by the reptilians which resulted with many problems in the future, even upon the higher dimensions. It put the whole universe at risk. You were not there on that timeline as seeds, or lightworkers, who are here today, in incarnation or not, and ascended or not, had remained upon the higher dimensions. We came back to the beginning of these dark scenarios, back in time and created new timelines. We came to restore timelines as per the Divine Will. We erased the timelines that had never been intended in the first place. Your bodies or physicality are undergoing changes with a shift of the whole planet and world into 4th density. Remember that this is not the same as the shift to 5D in consciousness, but rather a result of the latter, as your spirituality, your frame of mind, your heart’s nature, your disposition to love, or loving nature, is what results with a shift to 4th density and finally to 5th density. Your supernatural experiences with the light of the tube of Light, your I Am Presence, in those moments of connection with your beloved celestial parents, or mentors, those experiences are now more energetic and . All lightbearers are to experience the same at one time in the near future, as they progress upon the path of the Initiations and Ascension all in their own time. What has been taught in the past concerning the path of Initiation is to do with progress on the path of Ascension. The same is experienced globally by the in a parallel way because , Gaia Herself, is ascending. However, some of those souls are only just beginning their journey and placing their feet upon that path following their awakening. The shift to 4th density is the equivalent in a global way to the changes experienced at any time in history, or previously, by the Initiates who conquered the human nature and gained mastery over it between the and Third Initiations, and then between the Third and Fourth Initiations.