Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional
Hologram, December 22, 2016

The physical body of yours is a of energetic force. In order to reach certain realms of existence you have to match the frequency components and then shift to that reality. So… !! In order for us to have a visit with you we usually extract you from your hologram, that is for example vibration of 1.13005 Hz, and we implement you to the new of frequency that is 2.7383 HZ above the frequency of yours. So this way you have no idea what is happening out of your reality and you are not aware, because the 3rd and 4th dimensional brain frequency HZ vibration is not registering the sequence. It is not of memorizing because your body vessel membranes are not vibrating and increased into our vibrational hologram frequency HZ. In reality Each hologram has its own HZ signature. So when you shift through your Daily life moment to moment, it is usually very slight fractal difference, and that is why you don’t see the difference. But in order for you to become multidimensional body vessels and pop up above the 3rd Dimensional holographic reality, which is more dense, you have to increase your body membranes molecular vibration HZ, and then you can easily connect with full memory of the other, more or less in density . Less in density , which is usually above the 3rd Dimensional structure. This is why it is so fundamental to be so pure, not only in your heart, but also in your body, so you can extract yourself into multiple at the same time with full memory. That memory can feel physical experience for you. So really is not much difference. It is illusion. All of it. The density is different and the HZ vibration is different too. But nevertheless your experience and your membranes can withhold the memories HZ. So you see, you can all do that, but you must increase the vibrational HZ of each molecule of your dense body. And once your body is ready we are willing to make our contact with you more permanent. You see, we are always here, but not all of you can withhold our frequency HZ, so this is reason why you don’t remember our visits because we see you in less density reality HZ, which your brain memory bank does not vibrate. Nevertheless your higher consciousness knows it and you can always extract it out of the field, but it is not like what you call physical .
In order to be physical, do increase your body and mind molecular vibration above the 3rd Dimension, and then we are with you all physically. So you see there is work to be done. We are showing you the way. And yes we can lower our frequency HZ to yours and have a contact in your but it is usually very brief. So to increase the frequency of yourself be at all time loving, to humanity with no explanations. We see all of you . We know what you do in your Daly life and you behave. Again your popularity, money and fame will not be the criteria for us. But much you do for humanity out of your pure hearts. So be , be love, be the light. Because consciousness has no limits . Everything is possible. Everything .
We love you all. End of transmission.