Master Jesus, Christ’s Forgotten Works in Avalon, Part 2,
December 24, 2016 by Christine Preston

I am not sure you and the lightworkers have understood that I was not crucified in fact. I was crucified in the version written by the Flavian Emperor. They created the gospels. I know this is rather a controversial claim and more explanations will be needed in the future. . My mother, whom you Mother Mary, gave you a dictation in which she said that I did not die on any , and this is true, but you thought it may have meant that I survived the crucifixion. I have let this go on for a while to allow you as well as the lightworkers to get used to the idea that it was only in the falsified gospels that the scenario of my sacrifice on a , as well as death, appeared. It has been a of a confusing for you. What I want to also say is that you were with me in those days as my daughter Melissa, and this has not been recorded. What the Flavian scribe did was to try and show that the Romans were right or superior and that no should oppose them, so they concocted this story of sacrifice upon a cross as the Romans actually used this method of crucifixion just as the electric chair is used in the United States of America. Why did they then suggest an actual resurrection from the dead? Because they wanted to use this concept to the people with a concept they had misunderstood. It was when they organised their body of works called the Canon, because they were canonical in opposition to apocryphal. This means they were mainstream to them by opposition to works they didn’t regard as having value in respect of the new doctrine that had been devised by Constantine and his theological advisers. He had that the to control the population was to falsify Christ’s teachings, those teachings were indeed Gnostic and esoteric. He wanted the population to remain ignorant of their divine connection in the heart to the ‘I Am’ that could liberate them and permit them to ascend. For political reasons he thought he could use a falsification of my teachings to exercise control over the conquered people of the Roman Empire. Hence the doctrine of sacrifice was brought into being, together with the idea of a of God who was unique, and superior, and had been sacrificed by his own Father, to die for the sins of man, to redeem those sins, as if that could permit them to enter the kingdom of heaven!