, Announcing Acceleration, Christmas Celebrations December 8, 2016
by Christine Preston

One of the results of this awakening was the recent shift into 4th density in your physicality, the lower body of your multi-dimensional system of , so to , and eventually your Reality, as you are creating the 5th kingdom and the process of recreating Gaia has started. There much to say about what taking place right now. is being made in the general process of Ascension, as as the of the physical atoms of planet Earth into 4th density, bringing many changes that are still to be manifested as time goes on after the Year. At the same time you are being elevated upon the of the dimensions in consciousness. Your attention has been drawn to the fact that there is to be a stepping up of energies once again. The American lands have been the stage of a battle in the psyche, a Armageddon in which you have seen different views and narratives emerging in your media, reflecting the level at which souls dwell in consciousness.