Mother Mary
Ascension of Your
Channeled through Natalie Glasson, December 9, 2016
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Your inner child an aspect of your soul; you might liken it to an energetic body similar to your emotional or mental bodies within your auric . Your inner child is the original that you choose to hold when you anchored into your physical body as it was forming in your mother’s womb and when you were born. As a spiritual being wishing to incarnate upon the Earth, you chose your parents, your birthplace, your birth time, your name, how you would appear and even what sort of personality you would have. You that these choices would support you in the life lessons you wished to experience as a child and an adult as well as the learning or growth you wished to partake in, in to become a greater expression of the . At your birth, you within you all the understanding about your physical reality you required as well as a strong connection with and of the inner planes. The knowingness that you at your birth could not be expressed by you, and even as a child, it may have been to express with words, not due to your inability to communicate, because it is a part of you and therefore is synthesized with every aspect of your being.