is within you, period.
12/18/2016 by

Love is all about allowing. You need do nothing else because Its purpose and intent is to totally suffuse and renew your energy field in every moment if you will allow It to do so. When you do and contentment will fill and uplift you. Do not focus anxiously on the conflicts and suffering you see in around you while wondering what you could or should be doing to help relieve them, by all intend to send your love to those who are suffering, but focus instead on the Love that you are as a divine creation. By doing this is changed, and that is what you to do. Where you focus your attention, whatever thoughts you hold – positive or negative – bring into your life those points of focus.

It is very difficult for you not to become distracted by the and confusion which the constantly bombards you, however, you knew that this would happen before you made the choice to incarnate for this particular lifetime. So, go within at least once to make contact with the divine flame burning constantly within you, It is the flame of divine Love from which you were created and from which you can NEVER be separated.