December 6, 2016


It is at this that your freedom, prosperity and governance join together and allow us to gently intervene. Our mentors are then to see how well you each have performed. This next level is to use your new -knowledge to begin to develop a new inner dossier for yourselves. Your need to be evaluated from your own perspectives, and in the light of your now-known past histories from Atlantis to the present. Together, you and your mentor are to decide how this collection of data fits together. This process is to create a profile that enables you, , to get the “big picture” of how you fit in. That is, to understand how your inner perceptions dovetail succinctly into this newly reformed . This is a process that needs deep exploration and frank evaluation, which is why you are so carefully examined every night by our teams. This is the physical data that needs to be recombined with the spiritual data you and your mentor piece together. This process requires some joint inner work, followed by a basic of how it fits into the collective. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!