By Archangel Michael, 12/09/2016

Greetings Dear Ones,

I come to assist the human collective in these times of great energetic upheavals and transformations. You are now within the energies of the 12:12 Portal followed by Full Moon in Gemini and the Winter Solstice energies. Lots of Rainbow Energies for all to Flourish and Thrive in. These are the Final Event energies at play Dear Ones. Some would call these moments “The of ” or “Judgement Day” Let us clarify these notions and set those energies to rest. In Truth, you are all in the of a New Beginning. The Return of The Bird Tribe… the New Heart Human. We are starting a New Age of Love Everywhere Present and the of Fear, Pain and Suffering Forever. Those in the programmed ego mind are in Ignorance of this Truth.

In 3D or the Illusion, there are a plethora of things that do not exist in 5D or Heaven. Only what is Truth, can exist in Heaven. Some of these are Belief Systems, such as religion. The Mind created these concepts to have a label and understanding that supersedes it’s comprehension, such as the existence of angels. We Archangels and Angels predate religion and The Planet Earth. Therefore, we have nothing to do with religion. The mind is a lower dimensional construct or program meant to function in lower realities and energies. It was created to keep Humanity locked in the lower , use them as an energy food source and give their power away to the “old controllers”. They are responsible for the creation of the mind as they chose to separate themselves from Source, Prime Creator, Our Mother of All Creation. They wanted to be God without God. A concept even much of humanity and the Lightworkers have adopted. A deep form of arrogance and ignorance, even more so the disrespect to your Mother Earth, Gaia.

They in turn, created lower thoughts and poured them into the collective grid for humanity to play out. Such thoughts are as follows; Blame, Shame, Guilt, Superiority, Delusions, Fantasies, Hatred, Anger, Fear, Judgement and so much more… Judgement was excessively used by Religion to instill Fear upon the Human Collective, especially so during these Moments…. The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity. Fear repels the energies of Love and therefore, keeps all those in the lower dimensions. Judgement stems from unworthiness. Unworthy to be Love… to be God. The ego mind uses this tactic to make itself feel better, because those in the mind do not wish to look or feel into their own darkness. They think they are not worthy of Love and prefer Power. The only Power in all of Creation is Love… Unconditional Love… the mind can never comprehend or ever BE.

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