The Arcturian Group, by Marilyn Raffaele

Experiences of are often the only way the Self can awaken an individual perfectly happy to remain asleep in the , but those of you these messages are beyond that state of consciousness even if or when you experience hardship which at some point in the journey becomes more about clearing than awakening.

Anyone living fully in an un-awakened three dimensional state of consciousness, is open and to all beliefs floating about in the three dimensional . These beliefs are impersonal and only become personal when accepted. Since many previous lifetimes were lives of hardship, of difficult experiences often remains stored in cellular memory without a ’s conscious awareness even if they are now spiritually awake.

Do not judge yourselves to be failures when and if some foreign emotion, thought, or physical experience suddenly pops into your life. it as the surfacing of cellular memory and see it as a graduation, meaning that you are now evolved and strong enough to look at and clear the energy of something you may have been dragging around with you for lifetimes.