~ James Twyman.

Nancy Tate (spiritual writer and channel)
Anakhanda Mushaba Speaks About Porda/Papa Force

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, December 03, 2016

There is a time coming in all people’s lives when they will ask themselves, I waiting for? supposed to be waiting for what someone else can bring me. Or am I supposed to be bringing what I want to my life, even if it is in stages. Perhaps I can learn through the stages and get so much more out of them.

That is what is coming to the front in so many people’s lives. It is not what they have been told is going to come to them through others. It is what they can bring into their own lives that will suit them right as far as what they see they want in the next moment.

This is what life has been all about, you say. Well, what has it to your life when you have made the steps in the direction that suits you right now? Have you found something that appeals to you, or has it been something that you wish hadn’t happened? Perhaps you saw on your soul level that which you needed to see, or would benefit from seeing, before what you you wanted came into your life. It is a wonderful journey that has been taking place around the globe. It has many things to all of the people, not only through their eyes, but though the eyes of the others who have been part of the experience or have been told about it.

This is not a part of being able to bring the wealth to your door. It is a part of being able to bring whatever it takes to help to bring the harmony into your lives, and being able to see what it is that can bring it and serve you all in the process. It is being able to know ahead of time and trust it to bring what you feel is the next thing to experience. It will bring so many to the door of remembrance, and then to the path of re-creating in the moment that which you desire and intend to experience.

I speak to you now with the knowledge that you are all in the journey that you have chosen. Does this not make sense to you? It is you have always learned what is keeping you from being able to manifest that which you want in your lives. What have you done in the when you have had to for someone else to bring you the next step of being able to live the way you want? Are you not still following that step by step journey? Are you not seeing that there is so much that is being said out there that is governing what you feel to do and for?