by Nancy .

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure and Saint Germain 12-11-16 Galactic Federation Of Light

I have been wanting to communicate with you again, and this time it is very timely. It is about what is taking not only around the world, but out into the universe as well. Ohmnipure, and here with St. Germain. We are seeing what is taking place around the corner and under the hills. It is a resounding ring more or less like what you have been hearing. That is why we put it in place for you to hear in hopes that you would remember the repeat of the sounds calling you for a message. I will now go on with the message and then St. Germain will add his 2 cents worth.

There is coming a great deal of that will be very short lived. It will be the impact of what has been being released from underground pits and several closures of the Sea of Galilee and the part of the that is under shore now since Atlantis went under. As this ringing goes on it is representing the ungoing tribute to what is taking place in the caverns and the underwater seas that are springing forth the energies that have been being brought to the . They are about to carry forth to the of this globe.

When this happens there will be a huge rumbling in some places, and in others there will be a distinquishing flow of Love that will shine forth through the coming in the next year. As this takes place it will bring many memories to a huge amount of people. It will begin the gathering of so many people to the happenings that took place before the deluge and after. They will remember bits and pieces of it, and then they will realize that many of the changes that took place then will be circulating back into the realm of another changeover.

This will not the planet to the original, but to a new within the people. It will not change the faces of the earth so much as it will change the faces of the people as they realize that they are in for a huge change that will bring so much unbelievable energy of Love and peace to the planet. That will bring a feeling of joy that will resound throughout their bodies as they realize that they are in the of the first stages of their .

When I say first stages, I am referring to the last cycle of the stages of ascension that will bring about a huge change in their lives. It will be the lookout for them to be able to see what is coming and what is already in place that is different from what it has been for so long. It will bring about a huge feeling of peacefulness, It will cause many people to see what they have been wondering is the answer to what they had hoped might come to bring them clarity. This is only part of what will be coming in the events to come. I will now step aside and welcome St. Germain to the message.