You are Love, and nothing else! December 15, 2016 by Small

Jesus through John
Guidance from an elder brother

The Oneness that is God, Source, the Supreme , the Great Wisdom, is, as you have so often been told, L O V E ! There is only Love. Open your hearts to It. The only reason you do not feel and experience It is because you are closed down in fear. You get impressions of It, momentary sensations that feel very , but you still keep shutting down as the distractions of the illusion grab your fearful attention. Please, OPEN YOUR HEARTS! Your trust in the divine is essential! Basically, deep within yourselves you do trust, but you keep delaying your awareness of it. Humanity’s is inevitable, unavoidable, divinely assured, and is taking place right now!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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‘Sheep’ are animations that can be designed by humans, generated by computers using a genetic algorithm, or a combination of both. This animation used the top 256 ‘best’ sheep (by number of votes) from the Electric Sheep server, rendered into a continuously-looping animation.

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