New Earth Energy

On January 15, 2017 a new powerful spectrum of energy began to stream towards Earth.  It was felt by all and is gaining momentum.

This energy will affect everyone and everything.
We are entering in a new phase of evolutionary change.

Access to this new energy spectrum will transform humanity and all life on Earth.

Follow-Up: Live Q&A Call with Judy and Spirit

Thursday, January 26 at 10am Auckland/ 8amSydney
Wednesday, January 25, at 1pm (PST) / 4pm (EST)

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If you cannot listen live, the replay will be available on
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Go online (or call in from the local call numbers below) at 9:55 am NZ (see other time zones below). We will begin promptly at 10 am.

Listen by phone or on the Internet Phone number: (425) 440-5100    PIN Code: 362805#

To attend by webcast visit   at the time of the call in your area.

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10:00 am on Thursday, January 26 New Zealand time is …

Los Angeles – Wednesday, January 251:00 pm
New York City – Wednesday, January 25 – 4:00 pm
London – Wednesday, January 259:00 pm
Amsterdam & Stockholm – Wednesday, January 2510:00 pm
BengaluruThursday, January 262:30 am
Sydney – Thursday, January 268:00 am (Local call number (02) 8279 8670) Perth – Thursday, January 265:00 am (Local call number (08) 6323 8400)
Singapore / Malaysia – Thursday, January 265:00 am
Peru – Wednesday, January 254:00 pm

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We changed the time to try to accommodate other parts of the world. Since we can’t be live for everyone, we have decided to move the times around.
Don’t worry – next webcast will be at a different time.

We know you have many questions.

Judy will answer as many questions as possible.
Please keep your questions about the new spectrum of energy.

Judy will not be able to take personal questions on this call. She would love to answer personal questions but needs to stay focused on the topic.

See you on the call!