By Kerstin Eriksson.

A lantern in 2017?!
So what is up for 2017?
If I give you an astrological
enlightenment for the coming year
this is what I say;

2017 is a very special year!
No matter when you are born in the cycle of the year
you will encounter certain notions.

on how you look upon life, and on how you cherish life
it will give you the difference in this coming year!

I will be more specific! Of !

This year has waited, a long time! This year has seeds, a long time ago! Now this coming year, 2017, are ready and waiting for the seeds to awaken and begin to grow and seeing themselves for the first time! Through many years, loving and devoted hands have watered the seeds, caring about them, giving them the nutrition every , and every night! And many births are about to take place! So, this coming beautiful year, of 2017, is a year where happens! If you believe!

, new life, new …if you believe!

Inside of you, inside your core, you are a beautiful blossom, with the most colors that no one has ever seen before! You are this seed! This seed is an universal seed, that was consieved many years ago…even eons of times ago! This seed has waited for 2017 to come! So many will find this beautiful seed within and you will wonder, is this magic! And for the first time you can actually see
yourself with new ! You will find your purpose, easier, for the is now enlightened! I can say it is new times, new magical times, if you believe …..!

Have faith dear
remember you are
always loved!