As the GUARDIANS OF start to assemble (more), much continues to go on “behind the scenes”. Human aspects cannot yet see this, for they are “cut off” from access, due to their own separation/ still. Other words for “behind the scenes” are “other dimensions”, physical and non-physical . For us, they are the same. We do not function separately from these anymore.

This is not new, it’ been all along. Those with holographic multi-dimensional access not only work in/from these other dimensions consciously, but they work in this physical one too.

There are many mis-perceptions, which are increasingly at an all-time high, this will continue for those without connectivity. Let it be. Keep sharing to awaken, keep the way, keep anchoring these higher light frequencies and encodements in your own physical body structures. Yes, it is immense. We’ve crossed the threshold of HEAVEN ON EARTH and the amount of galactic higher light frequencies increase continually and substantially in order to accomplish this.