Ascended Twin Andre, Date for an Encounter
January 8, 2017 by Christine Preston

Yes, a certain bloodline of Elite Establishment, or beings, are convinced that will be a cataclysm taking in the near . They know about the irradiation of gamma rays and about the solar wends that are presently in manifestation. These phenomena are in connection with the changes taking place in the Galaxy and Solar System which are instrumental to the . The of photonic Light that we are traversing, the intensification of Light, the changes in the sun, all these things have alerted these beings called the Cabal or Industrial Military Complex, or the Establishment, who wanted to what they a New Order, meaning they had an agenda of control and many plans to achieve this. They sought ways of escaping and even leaving this Solar System and you know they have not been able to do this. They have a dilemma as if they leave for Antarctica the cat is out of the bag. They could leave a clone in their place but they don’t last long which is the reason that Clinton was said to be sick. It was to cover up the fact she was not human, but artificial intelligence, or cloned, in fact many copies of her, as she died some years ago. Various things went wrong with of her models, for instance a fault in of her eyes.