’s Lost Years in the Himalayas, January 8, 2017
by Christine Preston

In a lecture entitled ‘The Lost Years and the Lost Teachings of ’ given in 1987, E. C. Prophet discussed Nicholas Roerich’s testimony, in to that of Nicholas Notovitch, in relation to the that they were shown records concerning Jesus’ presence in India and Tibet. She mentions the that the response from the Vatican to Notovitch’s report, concerning the existence of the Tibetan scrolls, was that they already possessed 63 manuscripts that missionaries had brought back from India and Arabia. The existence and significance of these scrolls was apparently suppressed. If it was disclosed that Jesus did go to the Himalayas and Tibet it would or might affect the way people think about his doctrine. Researchers might ask questions they didn’t ask before, such as whether Jesus’ doctrine was different from what the Roman Church after they defined Christianity in 325 AD, or ‘was Jesus influenced by Eastern philosophies?’
The E. C. Prophet discussed the esoteric interpretation of Scripture, the Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi texts, the Gnostic gospels etc.
Concerning the Lost Years of Jesus, sixteen passages of the New Testament record that Jesus was but they do not record his . He is reported to have taught the multitudes, but to have expounded on those teachings, even in an esoteric way, to his disciples. Clement of Alexandria, a Gnostic who acted as a mentor to Origen of Alexandria, wrote about a secret teaching that was to Jesus’ close disciples who were initiated into the great mysteries.