Conversation With The Arcturians by Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop January 13, 2017

Call upon Jesus . Jesus is now known as , and he is the commander of the Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Command is in charge of the landings, and these landings will come. They will come within the now. We say, within the now because to us everything is within the now, because we no longer resonate to time. But what we do resonate to is the energy fields of the majority of the people on the planet.

Now, as we tune into those energy fields within this NOW we see that there are the leaders who are going beyond the call of duty by writing, serving, giving, and helping. At the other end of the spectrum there are people that are absolutely, completely asleep. They have no idea whatsoever what is happening.

They are just having their third-dimensional lives, and that’ all they know about. Then there are the people in the middle. The people in the middle are the ones that are right on that threshold of awakening.

These are the people that we, your Galactic family, are asking the leaders to focus on. Those who are absolutely uninformed and disinterested would likely only become frightened and angry by your fifth dimensional information. So, in terms of what is best for the planet, it is best to allow those people to live that reality in the way they choose to live it.