By Nicole Singer.

You are more in the driver’s than you realize.

It is for you to learn how to exist in a plane of reality outside of the structure of time. Time is an illusion.

In truth you have already passed.

You are learning how to get into the rhythm of your domicile.

You to play with it a bit for sure, for certain to steady your gait, but that is okay. That is how a Master learns.

You are not to feel defeated at any moment. All serve your atonement, your prediction of by helping you to discover how to balance yourself.

As you expect to arrive, as you dwell in all the that are available to you, you will arrive quickly.

The secret is to that is a new platform to live from, a new Truth.

You are arriving quickly, you are a Master.

Every time you feel a bit defeated or feel not much is happening, begin to override that concept, that prediction and turn your to your Light.

You are the only that can turn your attention again and again and again to the Light consciousness which you are. You are the only that can declare yourself to be a Master and all that entails.

You are succeeding quite rapidly. Use these victories to build up your courage, your resolution to see that you are establishing this consciousness.