Once I decided to stop living the old mentality realities, I stopped allowing the old mentality realities to occur. I stopped believing them. I stopped creating them. I created the ones that I did desire and I grabbed my reality by the balls… and I made it happen with every particle, fiber and molecule of my .

This your Reality. Stop wasting your precious energy. Get your ass up and get busy. That’s what my higher universe said to me. Get up Lisa. GET BUSY. You don’t have time to be a human victim anymore. Get through it and move on. And I did. In every .

And we did it. We anchored Earth and Heaven on Earth here. Each will too, as they are ready. But not until then. Each has to fully decide from inside. Then and only then… ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Apologies for the language (out of respect), but sometimes that’s the only thing our human understands.