I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. An old year has left and a new one has entered. The New Year carries with it the promises for the future. The future bodes well, Earthlings. The revelation and disclosures that now will be done will cause the “old world” to fall. New governances are here with people who how to care for this earth and the life that on it. They know what they have in of them and the work that lies in of them. They work in to the Light and will attract likeminded people – People who understand that collaboration with each other is the only way to life on the Earth we live on. A fair society where resources are distributed according to each one’s needs. People, animals and all must get to share this cake. New technologies need to be introduced that do not damage life in our and in the end our selves. There is nobody that has managed to avoid being affected by the toxins that are harbored on our Earth today. The work is large my dear friends on Earth, but not larger than what you can manage – together. Together you are invincible, dear children, together you can carry out wonders.

Miracles will happen here and there and it will cause great wonderment, but you yourselves are miracles, you carry them out with your grand consciousness that now will grow on Earth. It is a collective message that becomes larger the more people that join in with it. You are growing in consciousness dear Earthlings. The clock is ticking and one by one you wake up, yawn and drowsily look around you… aha it was for this reason that I choose to come here. Time to roll up the sleeves and pull my straw to the stack. The world needs me, needs my consciousness and understanding of us all being one. Well, what is my task now? Of course, I can feel it in my heart. I can the whispers that come from there. Things appear that I understand I should take charge of. Might it be this or that? This feels . I am on the right track. It is flowing, so it must be . The path is easy to walk for those that are familiar with their hearts and understand how to listen to their soul. Do not be to try, if you are uncertain, dear children on Earth, ask for our guidance if you start to doubt. Listen in a calm meditation and you will find the answer there, keep it there and put trust in it. The answer in your own silence is the answer you can trust.