Lord Michael, André, Initiations & Fifth Kingdom
January 15, 2017

The Lightworkers are experiencing the soul merge of the Third Initiation as they are self-mastery over the mental body. They are becoming merged their Higher Selves. They are being flooded Light and are no longer controlled by the lower mind, or wrong desires. They are responding to the Initiations coming from their higher souls, their Ashram, or family DNA, which also is in connection their family. Their I Am Presence releases particular energy frequencies from the globes of the Causal Body of Rainbow colours, such as the Emerald Ray for healing and , as well as for perception through the 3rd eye chakra, the Golden Pink Ray for illumination and resurrection; the yellow and gold for wisdom and enlightenment; the Blue Ray for protection a vision of the Will of , and so on.
Three quarters of their physical matter are now transformed in preparation for the shift to 5th density which is to take place in , or few years for some. Individually they are at different stages in this process of transmutation and are in the peripheral regions of 4th density now. They are receiving impulses from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the latter is overshadowing them. They also receive from their monadic Presence, the Father-Mother God, I Am Presence, who their Higher Selves at the beginning of their history. Those disciples are learning that their vision, attitude to life, and disciplines, such as the use of and prayers, create a new Reality, the 5th kingdom. Their 3rd eye has been opened and stimulated. They have been told that they have ascended and gone through portals of Initiations and it is Lord Sanat Kumara who indeed officiates at these initiations with his rod. The Lightworker having reached that state is now polarized into the mental body at the Third Initiation, and the matter of his body existing in the space continuum, affected by time and change is relatively purified. A certain voltage of spiritual energy is passed to the Initiate at this Initiation under the direction of Sanat Kumara, who has been in the office of Planetary Logos of the but has now been replaced by Lord Buddha.