Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional Beings, New Hz Stargate
Day 7, January 25, 2017

Hello dear family. We are at the 11th dimensional beings and the council of 9, one unit. Today is day seven. The Stargate has new frequency of 1.33793.03 Hz. It is done, so you can now change the silica a bit in your . Be more open to the frequencies of the new . So this is new .
We wish to tell you a message from the Galactic Federation. Day 7.
We are the Galactic Federation. We know that you are all hoping for the new energy to be released now.
Please we tell you. Have some patience. All in good time. It is in process of implementation. We told you that in order to have new structural society you must get of the old infrastructures that are suppressing humanity for so long. Please be put and have in us and your new government. All is working for the positive. We told you that no what someone is trying to do to suppress humanity, will be stopped in every corner. It will not be allowed, the manipulation and the suppression to continue.
Remember. We are you. Please do not think that we don’t your pain. We do and that is why we are here. Local governments are changing rapidly soon. Be patience give a chance to settle And be positive. Hold and give your . Do not separate but unite. Unity for one government is the answer . Government the works for the benefit of all humanity. Do not allow to be manipulated. Don’t you see the manipulation? Stop and settle now. Do not go against each other but unite. Be pure essence of . We are you. We are one. This is your galactic family . End of transmission day seven.