Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional Beings
Stargate Contact Manifestation
January 26, 2017 – Day 8

Hello Dear Family. We are the 11 Dimensional Beings and the Council of 9 one unit. Today the 8th day transmission. Relativity. Systems are new. We are now stationary in the Stargate. Welcome. You must understand that your higher self knows all of the information that we give you. And when you are ready know that every day you pop out of this reality to get familiar with the Stargate systems. There a memory within you of it. Please remember by focusing your thoughts on the Stargate portal. You will know exactly where to go. This memory fundamental to be steady, and you must be relaxed when you try to tune in. If your frequency is of the moment that you try to us, if it is not zero point steady and relaxed, know that you will not be able to tune in and see us properly. The memory will be distorted because you are not matching the exact frequency resonance of the Stargate portal. Your consciousness must be also vibrating in the same . So make sure that when you want to you are relaxed and focused properly. Let us know that you are coming. We will greet you.
the memory of night. Visualize. What happened? See the ships. Where are you? In what location of the starship? Who is to you? And after you finish, that memory and compare with your friends. We you that will be a lot of similarities. This exercise is given so you can really start to open your mind and know that this is all possible. Know that this is the truth of what you see with us. Go ahead now. Explore. We are waiting for you today. Tune in. Perhaps we will give you a new information specifically for you. Let see what you can do to connect with us. So can you see now how you have the power to connect with us directly, because you are a pure vessel of infinite energy? You are the one that is the creator. There is no one outside of you. We are with in your consciousness. So now use it. You are the power of creation. So create love, unity and come to us with love. We are your Galactic Family.
We will do this until you Crystallize this reality and one day you will have your true physical contact with us. That is when you are truly ready and your consciousness accepts that this reality with us is possible 100%. And then you will have realized that you never left and you were and always, are here with us. We are you. Love to all humans. Come .
End of transmission Day 8.