Marina Jacobi, 11 , Positive and Negative
January 27, 2017 – Day 9

friends we are the 11 dimensional beings and the consul of 9 one unit. Riches ahead. We are here to tell you that many of you visited us last night. Know that your astral body has a magnetic structure of frequency and knew exactly where to come. Do you remember what happened?
To All humans. The new systems of the Stargate works now in full capacity. Thank you for your trust. But first let us address one question from some of you. Is this what is coming from a positive source? Just the question itself and the doubt Is that you will be out of balance with our . We always said that from this channel will always be positive messages because her own belief system and frequency is always projected with a positive intent. So if you have any doubt know that you are creating your own and projecting your own holographic reality that will mimic your own frequency that you’re projecting from your consciousness. So the Answer of your question is yes.
If you believe that this is coming from a negative source then you’re creating a reality only for that could be from a negative source. Don’t you understand that you are the main creator and you’re projecting that you see from the believe system that you have? So your reality with us will be according to your own belief system. Nevertheless know that we are benevolent beings and we are here to help you to connect with us telepathically. We are your family. So have in us that this is positive creation. We are here to help you. Remember energy is energy . The energy will go accordingly to your believe system. Energy simply is. If you have a negative belief system then you will create negative outcome of reality, and if you have a positive belief system then you will crave positive outcome of reality. Know that energy is both. But What you will perceive is accordingly to how you tune in, and what energy frequency you are projecting out of your consciousness. Fear creates fear. Love creates love. So make up your mind. What do you wish to see?
By now you should know that through this vessel is always positive messages. So please be positive. Think positive. See us as positive.
We are the positive creation of your own doing. We are the 11 dimensional beings and Council of 9 one unit. End of Transmission day nine.