Marina Jacobi
11 Dimensional Beings
to Connect with your Galactic Family
January 21, 2017

Hello dear friends. We are the Council of 9 and the 11 dimensional beings as one unit. Your galactic family is here. You must know that through this message you will perceive a code to open your synopsis of your frequency molecular structure. We know everyone of you and we to all of you now simultaneously. Know that from now on all of your Thoughts will be connected with us. Just a thought for you, about us, your galactic family and you are telepathically connected with us. Then look into your subconscious images with stillness. Then watch and ask questions while looking at the images, at the same they will pop up in your thoughts as holograms, and you will see how we are going to connect with you through your telepathic collection of frequency. This is how it works:
We see you first and how you think, and If your thoughts are of positive sequence then we try to see in, to what module of the hologram imprints of each hologram picture frame we can tune in and interject simultaneously with you, our sequence. What we see is a certain quantum Geometric imprint but this geometric imprint has a vibration of angular sequences of mathematical equations. This may sound complex to you. But the way it works with us, it’ simply at the moment we decide to connect with you, we look into your holographic picture frame imprint and we simply know the sequence simultaneously. At the moment we need you to know it pops up in our consciousness like it was always there. Like an image, vibration sequence, and energy all at once. We do not need to do mathematical calculations of what we see in order to connect with you telepathically. Because our bodies and your bodies are simply pure essence of energetic intelligence. But we operate and exist in a higher vibrational sequence of realities, and that is why it’ so easy for us to extract the information that is needed from the quantum matrix , because it is always there . Do not forget that in the quantum structure that we are made from everything, and is simultaneously running. That means that all probabilities of realities are running at the same time and we know it all, at the same time. So it’ simple. You need to understand that once you learn to open your mind and have for this knowledge, know that if you have a question, the answer to that question will simply pop up in your thoughts right away. The answer there is right away, because in that moment you extract the answer from particular sequence code, out from the infinity realities matrix. That means that every single thoughts and images of your mind has very specific sequence and frequency geometric structure in the hologram of the quantum field that exist everywhere that is consciousness itself. Then you give that image frequency. It’ simply like a magnet that goes directly to the imprint of the Quantum matrix, that exist by matching that exact particular frequency that you end up giving off. Resonance in the quantum failed all the existing parallel realities at the same time. Remember there is no time.
Let us remind you of a quantum law:
You cannot think or have an image in your thoughts if you do not know the vibrational sequence of that image in the first place. You have to know the particular frequency sequence first in order for them to even pop up in your thoughts. So that means that all the probabilities of parallel realities are simultaneously existing in the matrix of consciousness itself.
So we hope this explanation helps you to understand how easy it is to connect with us. This is all part of how the metaphysical structure of thoughts work. It is all life consciousness.
So now think of us. See who we are. See how we look and speak to you. Look into the images in your mind. These images will not be there if you did not know them already. You extracted those images from the existing reality that is simultaneously running.
Analyze it and please ask us a lot of questions . We are most excited to talk to you. Please do not doubt yourself. If you let go of the doubt we will be able to connect, because even the doubt has a particular frequency vibratory sequence, and if you have a doubt, it will block us to connect with you . It will block the to us. Know that you connect with us and listen what we have to say. That the answer from us will be simultaneously there for you. It was always there. So please talk to us. We are here. We are You. We are one unit. One consciousness. We are love. We are the Council of nine and the 11 dimensional beings.
End of transmission Day 3