Marina Jacobi Integration of the ET energies in your body’s
January 19, 2017 by 11 Dimensional Beings

Dear family we are the 11 Dimensional Beings. In the next 20 days from now we give you messages every day.
First we can not stop the levels of frequencies that are integrating in your systems because they are from the central Sun, and the higher order of consciousness is also involve. This momentum was predetermined from many millenniums ago. That is why to think that you can manipulate the outcome for the freedom of humanity is reader silly. You can no enslave humanity. It will not be allowed any to manipulate humanity, no matter how hard certain groups are trying to do so. So please stop now. We promise you that you will find yourself in a very difficult situation.
To you Humans the new frequency HZ is infusing your potential to connect the variables of your systems in molecular structure with all the new relativities of the fields. This was necessary because you can not increase your frequencies yourselves. It was to much suppression and manipulation from certain dark entities in your planet.
Now we know that you see so many changes, but we want to tell you that is all an . You already know the outcome. Your freedom is in your heart being energy.
It is in your freedom and your of sovereignty. modules are also implemented in your Daly basis but this is mostly done from your families.
Each one of you is constantly connected with your galactic families. Right now all the systems are being activated energetically and that will also change your genetic predisposition. Once the energetic Genome is activated and permanently establish in your body systems, then you will start having different experiences. This experience could be lucid dreams , or glimpse of knowing that the person that is talking to you has ET consciousness attached for a brief moment through permission, with the individual you are looking at that moment. This is done so you slowly are able to withhold the energetic HZ imprint from the Extra Terrestrial galactic family in your energetic systems. The systems must be activated one by one until they work in absolute unity synchronization. From now on all of you will have memory experience of some Extra Terrestrial integration.
Attention to all humans. We already did all the integration in your body. Ha Ha ha. Surprise. You are already activated. Time is an illusion. Shift now to the momentum and know that you are integrated. This is our present from us to you all. Right now you just to withhold the memory and recall that emotional frequency, then look at the image and hold it. And we promise you that your higher self knows all the system.
All that you need to know at this moment will be in your memory bank. So your exploration. We see you all. Till next time. End of transmission.”