Marina Jacobi
New Beginning , January 20, 2017
11 Dimensional beings

Hello to everyone again. This is the second of the 20 days that we going to post the Messages. We must say that philanthropy was done today from many many sources of the Blue race And the intergalactic collective. You are one with us. Please know that we collectively your reaches today. We watched over you so all is to come to fruition. Now the new beginning starts in this historic day January 20, 2017 when you as a collective have chosen the . Know that we are to tell you that from today new integration of positive Will . The members of your government are carefully watched. Know that all of them are precisely where they need to be. However, it is their choice now how to serve you. Remember they are there to serve and not to enslave you. Control about humanity is not necessary when the collective is awaken, because all your choices will be and are for the benefit of humanity. Unite, we must tell you that today you had Federation fleets of crafts hovering above your nation’s capital. The power of positive frequency integration was given, and was reading also all of your thoughts and emotions. The manipulative side is trapped in their own doing. Please do not be alarmed when they their opinion’s of struggle. It is their choosing. Please be compassionate and understand that if you did not distribute for the positive of humanity, your timeline as of today, January 20, 2017, it’s completely different compared to the positive timeline for the integration of the intergalactic timeline. This intergalactic timeline is on a frequency above the negative structures. So what is done is done. Time to move on now. Give your love and richest to all, all over . We collectively congratulate you with your new elected president Donald John Trump. And let it be a light through the journey.
Ara. Ara. Ara. We are the 11 dimensional beings. Until next Time. End of Day 2 transmission.