, Inauguration: Transmute the Field,
January 10, 2017 by Christine Preston

: This is the Master Jesus. Hello everyone! I come to you today in the flame of this messenger’s invocations as she has prepared accordingly for such a possibility. There are many problems in the world and we have resolved some of them following these calls. It was fast and you will see some results very shortly. I would like to say that we will provide especially where there is division in the homes due to the process of the recent elections, or due to differences in views as a result of people dwelling at a different level, frequency of , or dimension as far as their consciousness is concerned. It can also be referred to as a mind-set. This is reference to the totality of the experience of an individual who has been exposed to the education systems and all of the systems from which a person derives his or her viewpoints. So it boils down to perception of what is, and that perception determines a Reality which is different for that individual from what it may be for another person. It is a different reality but there is a certain uniformity in the manifestation of conditions. That is why you have a timeline and history.
At the moment you are experiencing a difficult phase in your timeline as the forces of darkness are in disarray knowing they have lost the battle and they are trying to cause as much as possible. For instance, they would like to the reputation of the President Elect even further if possible. They are continuing with their agenda of what has been termed an ‘organised deception’ on the program ‘Russia Today,’ which that you are entering a phase of Disclosure. What the Government did in 2001, its involvement in 9/11, has been called an Act of War against the people. So what will follow is the acknowledgement in official circles that the has been deceived by a power holding the strings and it will be that the President was the only person that was in a position to being able to oppose that establishment, which in reality was the illuminati, together with their hordes of conspiring collaborators in the financial sector.
I would like to say that we are approaching that Inauguration Day and as a result there is a heavy feeling for you.