Message from Mary, Buddha and Quan Yin
December 31, 2016 by Jennifer Snell

Greetings ,
I come to you tonight with love and light in my heart for you. Words cannot the love that I have for you and for all that you have accomplished this year.
We all are so proud of your collective achievements! It has been a roller coaster year for you as well for us, we have felt your joy and also your pain. Many of you have been clearing immense amounts of and we can your emotional bodies as they wax and wane. Many of you are clearing karma that has been around for millenia, the entire you have incarnated in the .
Dear Ones, our message tonight of hope. We are so excited for you and for your Mother Gaia. You have come so far! You all are in the throes of ascension and of the higher vibrations, we see your bodies dance with these luminescent waves of energy. You are the butterflies flying out of the cocoons!
We hope that you are celebrating tonight as you have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, with this year, so to speak.
This year will be all about the dear Children of God manifesting their beautiful dreams, their own individual and collective heavens on .
We are so thrilled we can hardly stand it! Can you feel our love for you, for humanity, for the possibilities, for the beautiful probabilities!
We can see the love in your hearts as you have fully opened up your Lotus Activations. You have now completely activated your Buddha and Quan Yin Aspects of Compassion and Love. We can see how your Immaculate Hearts are now fully open as you drink in the Christed Energy and share it with each other, as well as the animals, the flora and the fauna of your planet!
Beautiful Ones, this is YOUR YEAR to FLY!
We encourage you to focus in on your souls wishes, and encourage you to manifest with your Hearts. You will no longer know death, but only the beautiful elixir of life.
We Love you so much,
Mother Mary and the Angels