By Shivrael Luminance River.

Riding the High Express Train of Gaia: Energy Update ~ Shivrael Luminance River 1-19-2017

You may be feeling energy symptoms of something big going on right now. We have been going through some big portal in these past few months and this week with what I would call energetic intensity. It affects everyone uniquely. The idea to let go of all that keeps us from rising to a higher of love. I got an image of fireworks then ripples, like in a body of water, going outward. The fireworks refers to electrical energy that maybe be lighting up our insides. We may feel as if we have a circuit of wiring directly to the Great Sun or the Sun. We feel flashes, electrical charges. There is much resting that our bodies are requiring, perhaps. Everybody is doing this a different way. Some are seeing their fall apart which represents the old paradigm falling apart. Whatever is not your highest expression of self is being questioned, deleted, healed or wiped out. It may make you feel like you want to hold on and it may be easier to let go. Trust, faith and surrender are to this energy wave. The fireworks are the dissolving of the old paradigm. It may not always look pretty, but hold onto the feeling of all is coming to a higher place as it unravels. love onto whatever you are seeing and let go of fear as to how it will play out.