As you grow in consciousness, you grow in other ways as well that alter how you perceive this ever-changing reality. Humanity first devolved in the latter of Atlantis and then slowly, after the last Golden , began to re-evolve. This time was marked by a gradual upward movement, from the endless barbarity of the world in 20th century B.C. to the present. We carefully this forward movement as we ourselves pushed after at you. Heaven added to this as heavenly sisterhoods and brotherhoods were added to hasten this wondrous process. Thus, the present time is a sweeping by Heaven to ensure that abandons this reality at the right divine time. This is now unfolding and the process that you call “ascension symptoms” is ever ongoing. This, therefore, is a time to prepare humanity for its coming tasks so it is able to resume its guardian role with Gaia and her many ecosystems. This time is also a preparation for you to accept us, and your Agarthan cousins.