Sheldan Nidle’s update
January 10, 2017

What is unfolding, Blessed ones, is a between those who wish to fearlessly complete this divine project and those who intend to achieve this sacred obligation only when the remaining demand for proper security is provided at a level deemed safe. These events need to be fulfilled at a rate that allows the divine schedule to move forward promptly. We have among our allies a group of dedicated beings who are able to ensure the total security of this most complex operation. We understand just how all of this can manifest. tells us the dark cabal needs to be completely isolated from us. Therefore, a quick series of global arrests is immediately for. In addition, new and trustworthy governance is essential. Quick implementation of the NESARA Republic is also crucial. We ask for a sacred trust, fully realized and manifested for all to see.

This surface reality is to change, my blessed Ones! We are pledged to implement a time for your freedom, your sovereignty and your prosperity. In our minds, things need to proceed more dramatically. The majority of those who know what is really transpiring need to be given a big sign that the “same old thing” is burnt out. Take the time to explain and prove that a monumental C-H-A-N-G-E is taking around this world. Key announcements of this changeover must be publicly proclaimed. We have seen how such a “Public Theater” can actually breathe new into a blasé landscape. It can also turn the forced, dimwitted nature of this into a transformative shift both awe-inspiring and truly wondrous. Therefore we ask that this become more colorful, alive and poignant. This is all that is needed to bring an to the lifeless and tyrannical of the old ways. Adonai! Adonai!