Sheldan ’s update, January 25, 2017

Your wondrous visions paved the way for the time when great oppression ends and is replaced by a new age. An age where you become prosperous, perform humanitarian projects to enable you to create endless wealth and produce vehicles for a new era of peace and Love. These grand energies are divinely to permit you to transform this time and produce permanent health, wealth and sovereignty. New organizations are to be modeled on celestial ones to be given to you by Heaven. As they grow in your hearts, they are to forge new models for governance. In , you are to see a vast new set of guides that are to this reality and eventually allow our space families to and further guide us. These wondrous times are just a prelude of what is to come. A new era whose foundations Heaven set long ago!

These divine changes are currently in process. A number of special operations are being procured by Heaven and by our space families. Special sets of instructions are nearly complete. Heaven has asked its Administrators to watch over these times and be ready to act at only the appropriate times so set aside. Along with our associates, we are to alter this and put into place what Heaven intends. It is in this time when a number of grand can . These miracles are to be only the beginning of many other events that are to transform this present reality. Many events are to happen. We ask that you these positive visions and let the “wise Ones” of Heaven carry out a most grand experiment for the true splendor of the Human Soul. This process is to be one that is to change everything!