The Arcturian Group,
by Marilyne Raffaele, January 29, 2017

You are and it is time to more fully into a of real that is free of limiting three dimensional concepts and that you live and express in every of daily living. Love is the realization of ONE. As awakened individuals you are ready to begin to translate every , recognizing that the “bad guys” are beings just as fully as the “good guys” within the evolutionary play. Every time you do this, you add more Light to world consciousness.

Self cannot be left out of the equation but self love can be difficult for anyone still holding concepts about what constitutes valid spirituality. Self love becomes natural and judgement/self loathing releases as individuals come to understand that negative emotions or experiences of the past or present are tools for deeper insight actually written into the play by self/Self.

Emotions can only be experienced if the of the particular emotion is resonating in one’s field–cellular , emotional body, etc. Once you realize this, you are able use your emotional responses as guides to understanding what you may still hold in your belief system. Bless and thank all emotions (this is loving self) when they instead of meeting them with resistance in the belief that they are barriers to spirituality and something to be gotten rid of.