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The Magical Year of 2017 we reach for the Stars!
In this Magical Year of 2017 we reach for the Stars!

Welcome 2017!

In this year of Beginnings we reach for the Stars from whence we came and begin experiencing ourselves AS LOVE once again!

So in this magical New Year of 2017 a whole new playing ground will be revealed that has thus far been mostly paved with fear.

Our objective is, as always, to move towards creating a reality that is love-based rather than fear-based. The focal point is therefore with our Heart as this is the of our new love-based reality.

Thus far since the start of this Golden Age in 2013 we have been clearing amounts of limiting beliefs and less than perfect patterning that supported our old fear based reality. Now as we continue to clear everything that is not love, we are encoded with the Patterns of Perfection, which are nothing short of God’s Perfect Love, to create our NEW Love-based reality.

Everyone is different and everyone will make their transition from fear to love in their own way and at their own pace. Everyone reacts to the energy differently. No two people are alike. This is what makes everything so exciting. We can learn from each other because we are so different and we can, therefore, support each other on our journey to true love and freedom.

There is nothing separating us except frequency, just as there is nothing that separates you from your higher or greater Self except frequency. The higher your frequency, the more you are in with the greater and magnificent part of your Self that created you!

Work towards placing your Self first before all else, for you are God! When you love yourself, you are loving God and you will feel and know yourself AS LOVE.

This is a most magnificent feeling and nothing short of BLISS!

Therefore in 2017 put all of your energy into loving and accepting yourself and creating a deep energetic bond with your greater Self because that is the key to raising your frequency above and beyond where it is now presently.

We wish you all a most magnificent love-based reality in 2017!


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