This is a time for all of you when it is time to and move on ahead in what you desire for your life. If the by which’ don’t seem to be you, then ask yourself why. Ask yourself what the desires you have mean in your life, and what they will mean to those whom you have in mind to share them , or to exhibit to. Is there an ongoing in which you see the dreams of a lifetime coming true? Is there a’ means by which’ you feel you don’t have the ability to bring into your life, or are you seeing the of what the world is telling you is going to happen?

Take a deep breathe and sit is a place in your heart and body. Ease into the comfort of knowing that you are of bringing into your life that which your desires represent. See all of the ways in which you can express it in the and then walk forward in those visions and ask yourself, “How does it feel; am I bringing about what I want, or what I have to settle for?”

That is the vision that so many are beginning to see and feel in their lives. It is the means by which they are beginning to feel the newness of what they are capable of. Is it a time for you when you are beginning to feel that power you have? It is a magic that you are capable of; a magic that you are in the process of rediscovering within yourself that has been for so long.

I am seeing within so many of you that you are seeing beyond what you thought you were capable of, and that you are feeling you could bring into your life, without any ‘means by which’ that are outside of you. If you feel that way, then ask yourself to explore further what that represents in your life, and how you can manifest anything that you desire without the ‘means by which’ that you have right .

It is a time for you that you are beginning to sweep the debris away from your way of thinking. You are realizing that you can bring more to your life now, in the next days, than you could before. Consider, there is no tomorrow in your life right now as there is no yesterday. All you have right now is today, and that is the most powerful energy that you have. That is the power you have to manifest that which you desire for your life in this moment.