For Introduction: Who are these Beings of
January 8, 2017 by Christine Preston


These cities of Light have rooms for council meetings to discuss the affairs of earth and heaven, temples for devotion and worship, for learning and repositories of the great wisdom of the ages, places of learning for the souls of light. You may also travel there in your finer during sleep or between embodiments. The masters step down their light through their chelas for distribution to the planet. This light sustains all of its evolutions. It is not just Light but itself that is being channelled by the Dhyani Buddhas to . It is transmitted from Sirius via the Pleiades and Alcyone, then to Sol, of our system, then the planet Venus, and to the Logos of Earth, Sanat Kumara, or the being who is replacing the of Days in his office while he is away. This is Lord Gautama Buddha. The Masters of the Great White and Archangels work with their Rays. They take the Light and it passes through them as through a prism to distribute the Rays of the colours of the Rainbow which have a particular attribute. We sometime use the Sanskrit term ‘Chohan of the Ray’ which Lord. For instance the chohan of the Blue Ray or First Ray is the Master Morya and he works with Archangel Michael to manifest the Will of God.