The 13117 Kaleidoscopic Humanoid Faces mii series was created on a Google Android Phone (ZTE Z987).

I used the following Android Apps available on Google Play:

Pro (to create a base pattern, literally billions of possibilities)
Kaleider Plus (to turn the base pattern into a kaleidoscopic work)
Autodesk Pixlr (to do post processing and photo manipulations)
PicsArt Photo Studio (to resize image, insert my logo and more photo manipulations)
CM QuickPic Gallery (to organize each the works processing workflow, the works)

I also used the following applications on a 10 Laptop.

Apophysis 7x (to build and render a baseline fractal image)
Kaleider™ 5.1.2 (to turn the fractal image into a kaleidoscopic fractal image)
Adobe Photoshop CC (to do post image processing, perform photo manipulation, insert logos)
GeoSetter (encode IPTC-NAA/XMP tags: licenses, artist info, attribution details and geocoding )

I love creating non- humanoid like faces using any medium I can. The more faces the merrier. You see my work is a glimpse into my world, ever since I have walked the earth I see humanoid faces in everything. In the sky, on buildings, in plants, in earth and stone, in everyday things, quite literally in everything. I have come to the understanding that all matter is merely consciousness being expressed.

So every of our universe and reality has some level of self awareness and contributes it to everything which perceives it. So I guess I have the ability to see within the fine folds of the dimensional values and see the inner personality of any of creation itself for all to see.

r more likely is that I choose to see and experience my reality with a familiar touch, a humanoid face, so that I may navigate my existence in a way which I innately relate, through humanoid faces and their expressions.

Also this work must definitely be viewed in fullscreen mode whenever possible, since many times you find a multitude of faces in each individual work.

So floss your brain, and expand your perceptions while having fun playing with my many friends I have created for you to experience.