A Message from Mother Mary
February 3, 2017 by Valerie Donner


“Beloved children. I am with you. Take heart! I know that you are going through challenging . We are with you. Like you, we are involved with the of the . We know that is going on within you and we understand how upsetting life is for many of you right . The turmoil that you are experiencing is necessary so that the old third dimensional Earth can collapse and rise into higher dimensional consciousness. This is why the separation between the old third dimension and the higher consciousness appears so shocking. Right it is as if you are looking through a microscope everything is expanded 1 million times. This is necessary so that you can see, feel and know exactly how dark it has been on the planet. This close encounter of the darkest kind permits the hearts’ resolve to create unity and .

“Some of you may know that I am also called “The Keeper of the Hearts.” I work with your spiritual hearts for a year in my ashram in the light before you are . I know what your hearts are made of and what you are capable of doing. This is also true of our Creator. Our Creator has complete faith and trust in your abilities to do what is necessary for the Great Shift.

“Rise above the and negativity. Release your fear and anger. Focus on the positive and what you are co-creating for living in the higher dimensions. Imagine us, the Masters, the Galactic’s, the inner earth beings, and all of us coming back together in joyful reunion. Please know that everything is coming together and is divinely orchestrated. Your lives are about to change for the better and that is why I say please do not give too much credence to the external. Take the action that you need to take and focus on your internal world. Act in loving kindness to self, to the earth and to others. Release whatever is not serving you. Do what you can to transmute that which is causing you angst. Be to others. Help them to see and understand the light and the love that are around you and the planet. Remind them that this is simply an illusion. Before you know it you will be living in the light. This is what I recommend.

“Follow your heart. This is how you will be living in the higher consciousness. Honor the choices of others who perhaps might not think or feel the way that you do. You will know what is right in your own heart.

“I am with you. We will all see you through this and we will join together in joyful celebration when the old ways of darkness are over. It is almost over. This is the time that we have been waiting for.”