Thanks for inviting me to come and sit you once again. Those of you who have been sharing me this Course in Miracles, the idea that through a systematic program we can our conceptual selves in relationship to a new truth that we are discovering, based on our certainty of a self-awareness that transcends our previous objective associations with our self.

We call it the Workbook of because the provision for the solution to the evidence of you as a human being, without accord as to a real alternative as to why you would be here, occupying this body in this little place of space/, is offered to you as a complete alternative to how you have yourself.

And based on the calls that we’re getting now, and they’re up into the thousands, the application of this mind training, the idea that in the privacy of your own association with yourself, that is, whether you’re out in the world, performing all of the obstacles to your existent self-identity, you begin to have an experience of this alternative.

From The Illuminate Mind Training Series
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