Archangel Gabriel’ message for February 2017
channeled by Cindy McGonagle.

“Greetings Dear Ones,
There is a of instability in the air now with many of you feeling dissatisfied with your life and your future here on the planet.
Yes, great change comes when people gather together using their gifts and their abilities to unite for the of all. Through the times ahead you can help by staying in your thinking that those in the forefront, those in the background and those in the are all part of one unifying energy that a time of greater understanding of the meaning and importance of a world family and a world that functions for the good of all.
Be brave in your thinking for it is your thinking that your reality and together great positive consciousness with great personal action can and will create a new peaceful and cooperative place to live and work together and keep the Earth healthy as well.
Practice sending thoughts of hope to the Universe for peace and for all who call Earth home.
Archangel Gabriel,” channeled by Cindy McGonagle